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We take pride in our products

Kaniskaa Rubber Industries is one of the leading manufacturer of rubber bands in India. We have been involved manufacturing of bands since 2008 through our factory in Coimbatore. We have mastered the manufacture of rubber bands over the years and with semi automated machinery we can make bands of high quality and consistency.

Our bands are sold in majority of the states in the country. Our direct customers are wholesalers and retailers. Many of the customers have been with us since we started the factory.

We aspire in bringing in long term relationship with customers aided with our product quality and customer service.

Kerala and Tamilnadu produce about 80% of the rubber bands in the country. Due to proximity and conducive weather we manufacture high elastic and resistance bands through dipping process. Our products has low to medium modulus and more than 700% elongation and regains back to original size after usage and has shelf life of 3+ years.

We take pride in our products and we currently serve both domestic and international markets.